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M3-1 Deloitte EssayEssay Writing Service

M3-1 Deloitte EssayEssay Writing Service M3-1 Deloitte Essay M3-1 Deloitte EssayToday Deloitte LLP is considered to be a leader in promoting the interests of women, including the retention and advancement of women in different spheres of human activity.   Its initiative, launched two decades ago, has contributed to the success of this activity. In fact, Women’s Initiative (WIN) has been developed to provide the so-called â€Å"intellectual capital† in order to meet the established goals. According to recent research, women control roughly US$20 trillion of total consumer spending globally and influence up to 80 percent of buying decisions† (We Are the Women of Deloitte. Deloitte Gender Dividend, 2014). The Women’s Initiative and other WIN-related programs help to develop the proper strategies aimed at empowering and advancing women to top-level positions in business organizations. After visiting the Deloitte website, it is necessary to select one of the updated activities listed from the Women’s Initiative i n order to analyze the effectiveness of this activity and identify how it has furthered the Women’s Initiative as discussed in McKracken’s research. The activity selected for this assignment is the Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows Program, which was launched in 2001. The program was named after the first national director of WIN, Ellen P. Gabriel. The Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows Program ensures the opportunities to have â€Å"intensive, multi-dimensional development experiences† for senior managers who are focused on the reflection of Ellen P. Gabriel’s qualities, such as responsibility, intelligence, commitment, reliability, integrity and leadership (Leadership Development, 2014). This program supports Women’s Initiative in a number of ways, including its philosophy, strategies, values, beliefs, motivation and other aspects.Today Deloitte attracts talented and highly motivated professionals, who are ready to use their skills and abilities to succeed in busin ess. The Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows program provides them with the required learning opportunities, which are crucial in acceleration of their careers. The Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows program supports the Women’s Initiative (WIN) of Deloitte LLP, which is considered to be â€Å"a defining strength of the firm’s culture, values and brand† (Women’s Initiative annual report, 2007). The Women’s Initiative was launched in 1993 with the major goal –to establish a more inclusive and healthy environment, based on building â€Å"the intellectual capital† in order to effectively serve clients, develop employees and promote business growth.   According to McCracken, D. M. (2005), the Women’s Initiative ensures the â€Å"reduction in the gender gap in turnover† (p. 63). The Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows program supports this idea as it is focused on equality in career development. According to the Womens Initiative 2007 Annual Report, there are many achievements of women, which promote gender equality in the workplace and motivate women. In addition, many WIN-related programs, including the Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows program, â€Å"were recognized with eight national awards and received more than 140 mentions in print and electronic media outlets† (Women’s Initiative annual report, 2007). Due to these programs, â€Å"Deloitte’s gender gap in turnover has nearly vanished, and the number of women partners and directors is the highest among the Big Five† (p.52).In general, the Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows Program supports the Women’s Initiative because the major goal of this program is to promote women as an effective source of economic growth. Organizations should highlight the role of women in the workplace as women can become â€Å"economic actors† involved in pulling out the world of the global economic recession. The Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows Program is an effective program that is aimed at addressing the needs of today’s organizations. Women should be involved in various strategic projects in order to increase the growth of businesses and promote gender equality in the workplace.

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How has the world changed for hospitals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

How has the world changed for hospitals - Essay Example Based on that, the existence of technological gadgets such as smart phones, tablets and other smart devices has had an impact in the overall running of hospitals. These gadgets not only act and/ or are used as mini computers (small computers) but they can also be used by medical staff to report immediate issues; send emails to other colleagues; chat online; communicate through instant messaging; make urgent calls and even do online research. With regard to online medical research, the dawn of the internet as well as the information age has enhanced all forms of research to be conducted online. For example, if a medical student or a registered nurse (RN) wanted to conduct online research, they could be in a very comfortable position to use their hand held gadgets to perform these tasks. A number of medical technologies have also taken the form of â€Å"smart† equipments. This means that the medical equipment being utilized by practice not only undertakes its usual tasks, but it also tends to perform computing requirements, evaluation as well as analytical operations to the data and information provided to it by the practitioner in the hospital. A good example is the implementation of electronic health records (EHR). These digital health records have the capability to capture all of patient information. In addition to that, they also have the ability to evaluate the data and information that doctors feed to their database. That is, they can be in a position to evaluate whether the prescription given to the patient is valid or not. If not valid, EHR can be in a position to notify by sending messages to the user informing them that the information provided is incorrect. Hence, the user can be in a position to correct the information provided. More to that is th e fact that each time better equipment is unleashed by medical equipment manufacturers that promises to work and perform even better and faster than the previous equipment. As

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Globalization and Economic Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Globalization and Economic Development - Essay Example However, extra legal means of bringing products into a country normally result to an increased in smuggling activities. These practices will eventually corrode if not slowly disintegrate the economy of the country. â€Å"Corrosion in the system of trade relations does not produce a blow-up from one day to the next. When nations find the rules too constraining and no longer appropriate to their needs they find ways of flouting them. The effects tend to be more subtle and show up over time in a gradual retreat from the cornerstone principles of multi-literalism and non-discrimination† (Rodrik). Trade in a globalized economy provides equal opportunity for all players as provided for by the WTO and the GATT. Goods can now be produced in another country without too much impact on the price and in fact can be lowered since products from another country can be produced or assembled locally and be given the same benefits as that of the local brand. Adverse effects of short cuts and ot her extra legal means of trading is not only avoided but governments earn the advantage of taxing the goods. Healthy trade between countries are assured by the WTO and GATT for member nations providing equal opportunity for the products with that of the local products. ... However a move towards ensuring that making each country a member of WTO and compliant to GATT, BASEL and other UN directives remains a challenge. WTO and other agreements prevent several archaic trading imperatives that existed and accepted in the better part of the last century. These trading practices sometimes result to war or conflicts because of its predatory nature. Equal opportunity is given to all players that wish to transact with the other WTO members preventing favouritism and preferential treatment. Globalization in its purest form makes it more efficient for trade to be concluded by moving manufacturing plants to where the market is. Long are the days where waste in the manufacture, shipment and distribution of goods are left not only to normal market forces but also to the devices of the elements and environmental factors because of the lag in shipment and distribution. Positioning for better prices due to a more efficient manufacturing process within the country where the market is if not where the actual raw materials are manufactured will also be more competitive. A more sustainable manufacturing process that will safe guard the environment if not reduce carbon emission. Corporate strategy that could include reduction of operating expense while increasing the level of quality is due to globalization. Technology as an enabler of globalization makes it easier for company to monitor and manage their remote facilities or offices that could be on the other side of the globe. In sum, decrease operating cost, immediate response to market forces that dictate price and supply under an economic environment that do not discriminate between local and imported products when it comes to tax will make the global economy more prudent. Another

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MSU Grade Module on Mobile using Android OS Essay Example for Free

MSU Grade Module on Mobile using Android OS Essay The proposed system entitled MSU Grade Module on Mobile using Android OS is a mobile version of the current Grade Module of Mindanao State University. This system enables the instructor to input grades and update INC grades at any location and at any time. Obtaining the Grade Module password is also done using mobile connection. Reasons: * With the convenience of an Android-powered mobile phone, the instructor does not need to physically go to the clerk to request for Grade Module password. * The Grade Module password is sent through email which is more secure than printed Grade Module stub. * The instructor does not need to be in their respective department or in the university to input and/or update grades. * The scarcity of available computers in the university is no longer a concern. * If the instructor is away for seminars, vacations, and other reasons, the instructor no longer needs to request favour from other instructors to input and/or update grades for them, thus the accountability of the grade resides only to the instructor in-charge and lessen bothering other instructors. * With this kind of application, an instructor can become invisible from students who keep following him/her because of various reasons. Possible Problem: * Not all instructors have an Android-powered mobile phone. * Not all instructors maintain an email address, especially those who are not technology-savvy. * Internet connection is not stable for instructors who want to input and/or update grades within the university. * The availability of online modules of the university is not stable.

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A Time Of Prosperous Change :: essays research papers

A Time of Prosperous Change In the early nineteen hundreds when women used to be treated as objects who were only good for cooking and cleaning. These women were expected to stay home and do nothing but take care of the children. Authors were rarely women .Now in the present day a women is thought of as having a mind of her own. She is thought of as a independent, an individual who has a peace of mind of her own who is allowed to work and make a living as she pleases. Even we don't think of Weldon every time someone mentions a popular contemporary author we know she deserves to be mentioned. Both in the Critical Survey of Long Fiction and in Love and Marriage in the Novels of Anita Brookner and Fay Weldon Weldon is mentioned with great honor and respect. Anna Ericson uses more past situations in Fay Weldon's own life while contrasting her to Anita Brookner while in contrast the Critical Survey of Long Fiction criticizes the works without much comparison to others. Both the Magill and Anna Ericson have strong points on a women's individualism but Anna Ericson proves Weldon's choice of personality for the main character was one reflecting Weldon's own thoughts and morals. In the The Life and Loves of a She Devil Ruth is a character who is well developed who one can feel one with because of the fact that the author creates great depth to her as a character. In the Critical Survey of Long Fiction the author states that "In her fiction, Fay Weldon explores women's lives with wit and humor. She is caustic in her implicit condemnation of injustice but avoids preaching by characters say and what they do"(Magill 3474). On the other hand Ericson has more of a formula to Weldon's novels unlike the Critical Survey of Long Fiction. "The Weldon narrator is usually omniscient; she is wise, sad and cynical"(Ericson 1). which shows that the characters must be well developed to have such a personified personality. Magill rarely states how Ruth's personality had come about in The Life and Loves of a She Devil. Love was not an issue to Weldon when writing this novel this may be due to the lack of love in her very own life. Love was never thought of importance in the Critical Survey of Long Fiction. On the other hand in Love and Marriage in the Novels of Anita Brookner and Fay Weldon Ericson uses the subject of lack of love as the focus of his theories and that

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“Chronicle of a Death Foretold” by Gabriel Garcia

â€Å"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife† (Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen) This essay will look at Gabriel Garcia's Chronicle of a Death Foretold and Mariama Ba's So Long a letter in relation to the topic ‘Social and Economic Status as a bane of women Empowerment'. Gabriel Garcia and Mariama Ba in their works have depicted women's eagerness for social and economic status to empower themselves. Women were shown to have gone as far as destroying their children's happiness for their own desires and satisfactions. For example a number of them have used their daughters by marrying them off to men in possession of a good fortune, regardless of what their daughters felt about the men. The women in the forefront who were in the lookout for social and economic status to empower themselves were Pura Vicario from Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Binetou's and Ramatoulaye's mothers and Aunty Nabou, from So Long a Letter. However there are a number of women which were portrayed differently, namely, Ramatoulaye and Aissatou in So Long a Letter, and Alberta Simonds in Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Women especially from especially lower class used their daughters as a mean of gaining social and economic status by marrying them off to wealthy men. Their views on their daughters' marriage entailed their own self-centeredness only. Pura Vicario for example in Chronicle of a Death Foretold forced her daughter, Angela Vicario, into marriage with San Bayardo, a very wealthy man; because she believed it would pull her out of poverty towards a more respectable upper class distinction. Angela was not only forced by her mother but also her sisters and when Angela told them that she does not love Bayardo, her mother silenced her by telling her that love can be learned too. â€Å"†¦her parents and her older sisters with their husbands, gathered together in the parlor, imposed on her the obligation to marry a man whom she had barely seen.† (Marquez 34) The twins stayed out of it saying that it looked to them like woman problems. That proves that it were the women in the family who were really concerned about Angela's marriage with Bayardo so that they could be empowered through gaining socio-economic status. However, their dreams of escaping from lower class and gaining socio-economic status came to an ultimate end when Bayardo returned her daughter after he found out that she was not a virgin. Pura saw her daughter's marriage with Bayardo as a golden chance to see herself better off socially and economically, which Pura lamented as they had missed it, all because of Angela who had premarital sex. Similarly, Binetou's mother in So Long a Letter also took advantage of her daughter Binetou. She quickly withdrew her daughter from studies to marry her off to Modou. In Modou she saw his wealth and believed that her daughter's marriage with Modou could empower her and uplift her socio-economic status. So, she also wanted to escape poverty and have socio-economic status as Daba, Ramatoulaye's daughter, described her â€Å"†¦her mother is a woman who wants so much to escape from mediocrity†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Ba, 36) She was satisfied by Modou's wealth, he promised her a villa, monthly allowance, jewels and a future trip to Mecca. But she made it seem like as if she was worried for the welfare of her daughter and her happiness but her frantic thoughts and tense nerves surrounded herself. She reasoned that it was best if her daughter married a man who could guarantee her a good life. However, it was apparent that she did not really care about her daughter as she did not take into consideration how her daughter felt about Modou and she did not care about her daughter's education either. She saw her welfare in wealth and financial stability, a man twice the age of her daughter or a man with already twelve children did not matter to Binetou's mother. So, it was evident that Binetou's mother's intentions were not for her daughter's good but rather for her own desire to empower herself by gaining socio-economic status. Ramatoulaye's mother also seemed to desire social and economic status. She also in a way preferred her daughter Ramatoulaye to choose wealth over love. She did not like her daughter's choice of Modou amid knowing that they both loved each other; she wanted her to marry Dauda Dieng because of his higher socio-economic status as opposed to Modou, since he was a doctor. Similarly, Aunty Nabou wanted her son Mawdo to marry someone from the same caste to upkeep the family's status. She totally regretted his marriage to a goldsmith's daughter Aissatou. Aunty Nabou saw her son, a man of higher caste marrying a blacksmith daughter, as a humiliation to her and a stain to her generation. Therefore, she decided to bring her brother, Farba Diouf's daughter Young Nabou to marry her with her son. She educated Nabou before forcing Mawdo to marry her telling him that she will die of shame in the society if he did not accept, so Mawdo accepted. She did so because she wanted to preserve her socio-economic status which she felt was under threat when her son chose to marry outside and someone from a lower caste. So, Aunty Nabou to preserve her social class disregarded her son's happiness which laid in Aissatou because he truly loved her and she loved him. However, Aunty Nabou did not see this, she only saw her as a goldsmith's daughter and hence she saw her socio-ec onomic status as of more importance than her son's happiness. The only people who stood out differently were Ramatoulaye and Aissatou in So Long a Letter and Albarta Simonds in Chronicle of a Death Foretold. They were the only characters who knew the importance of love in marriage and had put love prior to wealth or socio-economic status. They knew that marriage should consist of love, financial stability, and happiness, rather than just financial stability or socio-economic status. Ramatoulaye despite being proposed to by a millionaire Dauda, she went on to marry Modou whom she loved as she said â€Å"†¦ I preferred the man in the eternal khaki suit.† (Ba, 16) So she married considered love as of more importance than wealth. She refused Dauda even after Modou's death. She too could have opted to marry Dauda and escaped mediocrity and financial burden. Also, she could have enjoyed a higher socio-economic status than before by marrying Dauda, but she did not do so because she did not love him and she knew that this act of her would destroy another woman's life; the woman who was already married to Dauda. Ramatoulaye, herself was cheated by her husband and therefore knew how it feels, so she did not want to Dauda's current wife to go through the same as she was. Aissatou was also one of the few who knew the importance of love and happiness in marriage and had put love prior to wealth and socio-economic status. She divorced her husband Mawdo and went away when he took a second wife, Young Nabou, which shows that she did not want to share her husband and could not bear to see her husband with another woman in her house. That showed the importance of, love, financial stability, and happiness as a whole in marriage to Aissatou rather than financial stability or socio-economic status alone. Alberta Simonds, Bayardo's mother is the only woman who is seen to be completely different. Alberta did not resist her son's marriage to Angela who was not only someone from outside their generation but also someone from a lower caste. So, unlike Aunty Nabou in Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Alberta did not see her son's marriage to Angela as a humiliation or threat to their social and economic status. Perhaps she was aware of son Bayardo's love for Angela and therefore she saw her as the right girl for him. In conclusion, it can be clearly seen social and economic status as a bane of women empowerment. Women sought of empowering themselves through social and economic status by marrying of their daughters to a man with good fortune. Their views on marriage of their daughters entailed their own self-centeredness as they were mainly concerned about their own selfish struggle and fears of financial stability and a secured future. Love was never a factor for the mothers in the marriage of their daughters; they did not care how their daughters' felt about the man. Mariama Ba and Gabriel Garcia show that those women strongly believed that a person's worthiness is not determined by personality or love but by wealth. The only importance they saw was financial stability and socio-economic status, unlike a few other characters that were aware of the importance of love, financial stability, and happiness as a whole.

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Video Games And Its Effect On Violence - 1926 Words

Video Game Violence has been a controversial topic for many years, dating back to even the most simple classic video games like Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede and Space Invaders, eventually pushing into more modern games like Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty: Black Ops. This investigation attempts to expand and analyze the idea that due to the historical trend of video game violence being accused of blame for seemingly related violent events, some of the research may be faulty. The way we look at video games and how we research their tie to violence could potentially need corrected. Within this investigation we will be looking very closely at how these tests were done, analyzing if they were valid, considering the people behind these tests and the general misconceptions people may have of video games and their impact on violence. Just about anyone in most modernized counties has heard the claim before, placing the blame on a video game, music or television for the violent acts seen in the ir youth today. Typically these trends seem to pop up when we are referencing school shootings, gang related crime and other domestic terrorist acts done by our youth. It is too easy to quickly blame something like a violent video game for their behavior. This investigation examines the actual statistics of these violent crimes and how they are tied to video games specifically. Throughout history we have always be fearful of something that we do not understand, typically expecting theShow MoreRelatedThe Effects of Video Games and Violence 1169 Words   |  5 Pagescentury, video games have become quite an attraction among people of all ages and culture. A statistic showed that the age bracket for video gaming ranges from eight to forty year olds (Baran, 2012). With the (moving ahead or up) of technology, video games also have (moving ahead or up) in its interest in whats lifelike and real and (types of writing or art). The technologies allowed video games to become very fancy (or smart) and realistic. This type of (moving ahead or up) had brought the Video gamingRead MoreThe Effects of Video Games on Violence1642 Words   |  7 PagesVideo game violence has remained a controversy for numerous years. With the advancement of technology, video games have progressed in its practicality and genres. Technology has allowed video games to become very sophisticate d and lifelike. This development has brought video games to a multi-billion dollar industry. Nevertheless, with the level of practicality, there are also negative affects to humanity. Since the manufacture of violent video games, there has been a constant quarrel whether or notRead MoreThe Effects of Video Game Violence2388 Words   |  10 Pagesrespected as art and with that, many people analyzre the various ways they effect people. In a mirror image, video games have only been around since the early 1980s having many people believe the same thing that they did when films were first created. What follows is an analysis of how video games affect the end-user i.e. Gamer physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and culturally. First and foremost, the effect on users physically is often the most looked at as excercise and physical activityRead MoreViolence And Violence : The Negative Effects Of Video Games1250 Words   |  5 PagesVideo games are a part of mostly everybody’s life, whether it be on their phone, a handheld gaming device, or on a console and tv setup. Not all of the games are made for toddlers or children under 13, so it’s safe to say that there are some that can be on the heavier side with the gore and explicit content. These games can get brutal and â€Å"Grand Theft Auto† is definitely one of those games that can get to be too much for some people. â€Å"Grand Theft Auto† has negative effects on the society becauseRead MoreVideo Game Violence And Its Effects On Gamers1205 Words   |  5 PagesVideo Game Violence and its effects on Gamers In recent years there has been a significant increase of shooting incidents, specifically in America. When there is a shooting event the media is quick to question if the suspect had a history of playing violent video games. There is already the initial connection between video game violence and aggression; but is this connection scientifically correct? This topic interests me because of the increase in school shootings and violence. I have personallyRead MoreThe Effects Of Video Game Violence On Children1348 Words   |  6 Pagesone similar. With such tragedies that have taken place and fear of violence growing, Scientists believe relationships develop between video game violence as well as aggression among young children up to young adults, yet so many other teeming other daily factors are linked to the violence instead of videogames. Studies performed by scientists, psychologists, along with doctors worldwide to examine whether the violence in videogames has a direct relationship to the outbreak of aggressionRead MoreThe Negative Effects Of Violence In Video Games1145 Words   |  5 PagesSince the beginning of the video game industry, violence has been a huge factor in the entertainment aspect. Even the more subtle, friendly games like Super Mario Bros. are full of underlying violence such as having to kill small and sometimes large creatures to advance the game. The most popular games among children and teens today happen to be the more gory, dark, and killing heavy games. These games almost always have very toxic communities full of people who love to scream at other players forRead MoreResearch on the Effects of Violence in Video Games2397 Words   |  10 PagesVideo gaming is mostly associated with consoles such as the Xbox and Playstation, however, wireless technology and handheld devices are pro ducing more and more gaming applications making such an activity further accessible to those who may not perceive themselves as an ‘avid gamer’. Much research into video gaming has focused on aggression and violence; see (Bandura, 1977; Graybill, Strawniak, Hunter O’Leary, 1987; Scott, 1995; Silvern Williamson, 1987; Zillmann, 1983). Research into the effectsRead MoreThe Effects Of Television And Video Game Violence On Children899 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction The following paper will examine the negative effects of television and video game violence on children who watch and play these games. Speculation as to the causes of the recent mass shootings in American schools and other public places motivated me to pay more attention to violence on television and in video games and write this paper. Most of these horrible attacks on innocent people occurred by a teenager or young adult. Flipping through television channels, I started payingRead MoreThe Violence of Video Games and the Effect It Have On Society811 Words   |  4 PagesThe Violence of Video Games and the Effect It Have On Society In today world video games have come along way since the birth of game consoles, with such games as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and Frogger. Not only have the graphics done a complete three hundred and sixty degrees turn but the violence has also on video games. There have been many people discussing on the topic of video games that have violence and the effect it has on kids. It brings out more aggression on kids that play those types