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M3-1 Deloitte EssayEssay Writing Service

M3-1 Deloitte EssayEssay Writing Service M3-1 Deloitte Essay M3-1 Deloitte EssayToday Deloitte LLP is considered to be a leader in promoting the interests of women, including the retention and advancement of women in different spheres of human activity.   Its initiative, launched two decades ago, has contributed to the success of this activity. In fact, Women’s Initiative (WIN) has been developed to provide the so-called â€Å"intellectual capital† in order to meet the established goals. According to recent research, women control roughly US$20 trillion of total consumer spending globally and influence up to 80 percent of buying decisions† (We Are the Women of Deloitte. Deloitte Gender Dividend, 2014). The Women’s Initiative and other WIN-related programs help to develop the proper strategies aimed at empowering and advancing women to top-level positions in business organizations. After visiting the Deloitte website, it is necessary to select one of the updated activities listed from the Women’s Initiative i n order to analyze the effectiveness of this activity and identify how it has furthered the Women’s Initiative as discussed in McKracken’s research. The activity selected for this assignment is the Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows Program, which was launched in 2001. The program was named after the first national director of WIN, Ellen P. Gabriel. The Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows Program ensures the opportunities to have â€Å"intensive, multi-dimensional development experiences† for senior managers who are focused on the reflection of Ellen P. Gabriel’s qualities, such as responsibility, intelligence, commitment, reliability, integrity and leadership (Leadership Development, 2014). This program supports Women’s Initiative in a number of ways, including its philosophy, strategies, values, beliefs, motivation and other aspects.Today Deloitte attracts talented and highly motivated professionals, who are ready to use their skills and abilities to succeed in busin ess. The Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows program provides them with the required learning opportunities, which are crucial in acceleration of their careers. The Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows program supports the Women’s Initiative (WIN) of Deloitte LLP, which is considered to be â€Å"a defining strength of the firm’s culture, values and brand† (Women’s Initiative annual report, 2007). The Women’s Initiative was launched in 1993 with the major goal –to establish a more inclusive and healthy environment, based on building â€Å"the intellectual capital† in order to effectively serve clients, develop employees and promote business growth.   According to McCracken, D. M. (2005), the Women’s Initiative ensures the â€Å"reduction in the gender gap in turnover† (p. 63). The Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows program supports this idea as it is focused on equality in career development. According to the Womens Initiative 2007 Annual Report, there are many achievements of women, which promote gender equality in the workplace and motivate women. In addition, many WIN-related programs, including the Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows program, â€Å"were recognized with eight national awards and received more than 140 mentions in print and electronic media outlets† (Women’s Initiative annual report, 2007). Due to these programs, â€Å"Deloitte’s gender gap in turnover has nearly vanished, and the number of women partners and directors is the highest among the Big Five† (p.52).In general, the Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows Program supports the Women’s Initiative because the major goal of this program is to promote women as an effective source of economic growth. Organizations should highlight the role of women in the workplace as women can become â€Å"economic actors† involved in pulling out the world of the global economic recession. The Ellen P. Gabriel Fellows Program is an effective program that is aimed at addressing the needs of today’s organizations. Women should be involved in various strategic projects in order to increase the growth of businesses and promote gender equality in the workplace.

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