Saturday, June 6, 2020

College Essay About Cosco

College Essay About CoscoWriting a college essay about Cosco is easier said than done. Before you start, however, there are some things you should consider. While the company was once the top power and luggage supply producer in the world, it has fallen from its glory days. Today it doesn't even come close to being one of the top three manufacturers of suitcase systems, which are used by commercial airlines.Cosco was also responsible for the development of the aluminum suitcase. The aluminum suitcase was first introduced in 1983. From that year on, cosco have been refining and improving their suitcase systems to make them better and faster. In the last few years though, the aluminum suitcase has become a popular choice in college dorms because of the lower weight it contains. However, for the purposes of writing a college essay about Cosco, it can be a turn off.The reason for this is because many college students find their spaces limited and that means they don't have enough floor s pace to carry large items. There is also the fact that most college dorms have limited space. These factors lead students to try to minimize the amount of baggage they bring to school. For this reason, the aluminum suitcase is becoming obsolete. It's also considered overkill by many students who consider the aluminum suitcase a waste of space.For those students writing a college essay about Cosco, it will be necessary to demonstrate how the suitcase came to be as well as what it did for the company. Perhaps you will be able to tie in the development of the aluminum suitcase with the development of the company. If not, you might want to include it with your discussion of the company. For example, you could discuss how the aluminum suitcase helped Cosco's customers travel to their destinations comfortably.Another way to show how the aluminum suitcase was developedis to mention how many flights and mail shipments Cosco has handled. This may sound like an exaggeration, but it is not. Al l of Cosco's business is based on shipments. If you have ever traveled abroad or if you are a student at a university that sends students to different countries, you know that the cost of shipping luggage can be very expensive. Shipping one's luggage is very expensive, especially if the luggage happens to be a heavy one.However, the aluminum suitcase allowed Cosco to improve on this problem. The suitcase provided an easy way to transport luggage from one place to another without adding unnecessary weight. Not only did it allow the student to take their luggage, but it also allowed them to pack the luggage in such a way that the items would not tear during transportation. The fact that these luggage systems became so popular meant that Cosco could charge much less for them than they had been before.Another way to link your essay about Cosco with the development of the suitcase is to point out that it created a space in which people could easily travel to and from their destinations. While it might seem like a simple idea, it is actually a very important one. Once students began to use their luggage in this way, the number of people traveling between cities grew significantly.Because of this, many people started to use the luggage and Cosco was able to leverage on this growth. In addition, the luggage helped students who traveled internationally to travel in comfort. After all, it's very difficult to travel internationally when you're worried about the amount of weight you carry. Not only did they create a space in which students could travel, but they also created a market that allowed Cosco to maximize their profits.

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